The Knights Hall dates back to the end of the 17th century, when the northern and the southern wings of the castle were first connected. The famous frescoes were painted during the years of 1717 and 1721 by F. I. Flurer, who was Attems’ principal painter. They are an excellent example of illusionism and are extremely well preserved. Today the hall hosts various events.


The castle chapel is covered with frescoes by F. I. Flurer, which were most probably completed in 1721 and are the most recent and the most detailed of all of the frescoes made for Attems. The chapel and all its paintings are dedicated to Mary. The ceiling frescoes have been restored, while the wall frescoes are still awaiting restoration.


The fresco painted staircase was built during Attems’ restoration of the castle between 1717 and 1722. The frescoes are part of the baroque style glorification of Attems, the patron of arts.